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About Copyright issue ?

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1) Is any copyright of the writer/publisher being violated by recording books with you?


No! As mentioned, we are a non-profit initiative. No business is being carried out for financial/monetary profits. Our only intention to run such an initiative is to make audiobooks accessible to blind students. The credit of the work is given to its writer as we mention the Author’s Name with the recorded work specifically.

According to Exceptions to Infringement of Copyright Act, 1957, Making a work accessible to people with disabilities is an exception to violation of Copyrights.

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We believe , Making Audiobooks for Visually challenged students is not Crime

2) What if any complaint is made by the writer/publisher regarding any book that has been recorded by me?

In case anyone (Publisher or any other website Owner) has any problem complaints regarding Copyrights Infringement,
you can contact Vishal P. S. Palve It will be the SOLE responsibility of him to deal with anything regarding the same.

3) Loss of Publishers !?
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